SMT Concrete’s two-coat epoxy flake floor system is more than just an investment in the durability of your home’s interior concrete, it’s an investment in the beautification of your home, too. Our epoxy floor coatings can benefit any concrete surface in your home, from new basements to utility rooms. Our flake epoxy coatings combine the properties of two types of industrial-strength epoxy to protect your interior concrete from chipping and cracking and give it a smooth, sleek look that’s uniquely beautiful and easier to clean than uncoated concrete. Our epoxy coatings work on more than just your interior concrete, too. Our coatings can protect and beautify your garage, your driveway or your patio from wear and weather damage. Our epoxy concrete coatings can benefit concrete surfaces anywhere on your property, the only limit is your imagination. Here’s how our epoxy floor coating system works.

How Epoxy Floor Coating Systems Work

At SMT Concrete, we treat concrete with what’s called a flake epoxy system. There are technical differences that distinguish flake epoxy from other types of epoxy coatings, but as far as your home’s interior concrete is concerned, what makes flake epoxy the best kind of epoxy floor coating for your home’s concrete is the two coats of protection and beauty it adds to your concrete.

The base coat of our flake epoxy is composed of 100% solid standard transparent epoxy, or as it’s known in the industry, PE-100. This kind of epoxy floor coating is solvent-free and comes in solid colors. When you select a color for this base coat, keep in mind that its color will have some impact on the final look of the epoxy once the flake of the top coating is applied. However this base layer will have a larger impact on the extra durability the complete epoxy floor coating system delivers to your interior concrete.

The top coat of our flake epoxy floor coating is composed of polyaspartic high performance epoxy, or PP-S85. What distinguishes this layer from the base coating is that it’s 85% solid and a bigger influence on the decorative final loof of the complete epoxy coating. We offer a wide variety of flake patterns for you to choose from, so you’ll be assured a unique final finish to your concrete that matches your specifications. This layer also enhances the overall protective properties of the epoxy floor coating by stabilizing the coating’s color.This allows the coating to retain its color without being faded or changed by harsh Provo sunlight or other environmental factors. That’s not as important an element for interior concrete, but it should give you additional peace of mind that the epoxy floor coating you choose for your home’s interior concrete will stand the test of time.

When you choose the concrete experts at SMT Concrete to protect your home’s interior concrete with our flake epoxy floor coating, you’re getting a level of quality, beauty and durability that other epoxy coatings in the industry can’t match. Call us today to learn more about our epoxy floor coatings and get a free quote for your home’s interior concrete.