SMT Concrete can enhance the strength and beauty of your patio concrete with our two-coat epoxy flake floor system. Our epoxy floor coating system combines the power of two types of industrial-strength epoxy to deliver unmatched strength and style to your patio. Epoxy floor coating can help more than just your patio, too. It’s a great way to deliver a memorable look to a new concrete basement floor, reinforce and beautify your garage floor, or protect your driveway from wear and weather damage. But how does our epoxy floor coating system work?

How Epoxy Floor Coating Works

SMT Concrete uses what’s known as a “flake” epoxy coating. There are a lot of technical details we could talk about regarding the different types of epoxy, but as far as your patio concrete is concerned, what makes flake epoxy floor coating your best option is its two-coat approach to beautifying and protecting concrete.

Our flake epoxy’s base coat is made up of 100% solid standard transparent epoxy, or PE-100 as it’s known in the industry. PE-100 epoxy floor coatings come in solid colors and require no solvents to apply. Your selected color for this base coat will have some impact on the final look of whichever flake pattern you choose for the top coat, and the chemical and physical properties of this epoxy coating make this layer most responsible for the added durability the complete epoxy coating gives your garage floor.

Our flake epoxy’s top coat is made up of polyaspartic high performance epoxy, or PP-S85. This epoxy floor coating is 85% solid and is most responsible for the decorative side of the full flake epoxy coating, while also enhancing the overall protection it gives your patio concrete. What makes PP-S85 so important to our flake epoxy floor coating, though, is that it makes the full epoxy coating color stable, allowing it to be exposed to the unrelenting Provo sunshine without its color fading or changing over time. Not all epoxy floor coatings keep their color this well! When you choose SMT Concrete to apply epoxy floor coating to your patio concrete, you’re getting a level of protection most epoxies in the industry struggle to match.

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